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Fence and Fence Supplies

At Mike Anderson Fence & Ag we take pride in our years of experience in top-quality, affordable fencing and fence supplies in Kalispell, Whitefish, and Columbia Falls. Our goal is to serve you by supplying you with the fence supplies and installation that meets your needs at an affordable price. We use expert local suppliers such as North Valley Ag in Columbia Falls to supply us with all your fence building needs. Our Line of Fence Supplies and Materials includes:

  • Post and Rail Fencing: whole rail or half round
  • Post and Wire Fencing: barbed wire, field fence, no-climb fence, high-tensile, and electric
  • Steel Fencing: 2&3/8" steel posts & top-rail & continuous panel or cable with custom gates. This type of fence has our guarantee against livestock damage. If your horse destroys it we fix it FREE for as long as you own your property. Fence must be constructed with a top rail. Gates are excluded. Bull Pens and Rodeo Arenas are excluded.
  • Yard Fencing: Cedar Privacy Fence, Vinyl Privacy Fence, Rail Fence
  • Arenas: Pipe and Continuous Fence. Guaranteed!!!!
  • Entryways: Steel or Log
  • Continuous Panels: (call for pricing)
  • 24' 1-1/4" 14 gauge 4 rail panels
  • 24' 1-1/4" 14 gauge 6 rail panels
  • 24' 1-1/4" 14 gauge 5 rail panels
  • Pipe: (call for pricing)
  • 31.5' 2-3/8" used oilfield pipe
  • 31.5' 2-7/8" used oilfield pipe
  • Pipe Posts: (call for pricing)
  • 8' 2-3/8" oilfield pipe
  • 10' 2-3/8" oilfield pipe
  • 8' 2-7/8" oilfield pipe
  • 10' 2-7/8" oilfield pipe
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